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Unabated Hindutva Terror in Mangalore

February 8, 2009

The reign of terror unleashed by the Hindutva Brigade continues unabated in Mangalore, with the open support of the state government. On the evening of Feb 6, Shruti, a student of 12th grade at Mangalore was dragged out of the bus along with a boy belonging to Muslim community. Her crime: She knew him well as the brother of her friend and spoke to him in the bus, having seated separately. She had been travelling in the same bus everyday after her college hours. But this journey back home turned out to be different. The driver and conductor of the bus, who have the responsibility towards the safety of the passengers travelling in their bus, turned villains instead and informed the goons of the Hindutva Brigade who entered the bus at Pumpwell, and dragged the two out of the bus at the next stop, put them in an auto and took them to some unknown location. Both were slapped and manhandled. The girl was released after an hour during which some women preached her about good behaviour and warned her not to speak to any boys, not only of Muslim religion. The boy was further tortured and released after many hours.

And the ministers in the BJP led govt., in the state have once again supported the goons and have tried to derail or influence the police investigations. The Chief Minister condemned the attack and in the same breath blamed the Congress for the abduction. His reasoning: The Union minister has condemned the attack! So if any one condemns the attack, he/she automatically becomes the perpetrator of the crime! The district in charge minister belittled the attack when he claimed that there have been several such attacks in the past 3-4 years and blamed the CPM, the party to which the girl’s father, a MLA, belonged. So while the CM blamed the congress, his cabinet minister blamed the CPM! Although the minister blamed the girl, her father and his party for the abduction it was not clear from his remarks as to who were responsible for the other ‘similar’ incidents that he spoke about. May be he needs to be probed further. The home minister, who has the habit of giving himself full marks for all his actions (and inaction), suggested to the MLA that the parents alone should take the responsibility of their children and that the govt. cannot do much about such goons and further told the MLA to be happy and feel relieved that the goons did not do much harm to his daughter other than abducting, keeping in captivity and slapping. So the state of Karnataka can feel safe with a home minster who thanks the goons for not molesting/raping/killing the girl. But we only wonder as to who takes care of his children; may be police have some special responsibility.

Lies, cover ups, blame game – fascism in full force in Karnataka.

And NOW a twist in the tale:

After 3 days, the case seems to have been properly fixed. It has been claimed by the advocate of the accused that they have links with the left parties because they have been members of the unions affiliated to the CPM, their parents and siblings are members of CPM or CPI etc. etc. The various statements issued by the police, CM, Home minister and the advocate revealed several inconsistencies and confusion about CITU, AITUC, DYFI etc. (The Hndutva machinations even attempted at character assassination of the girl who was the victim of the attacks of its goons; further proof of the depths that these forces can stoop to defend their barbarism)

But this photo bares the truth for all: One of the accused, whose face is masked, is seen wearing a saffron lungi! [It is interesting to note that none of the attackers at the pub were masked, may be because they had owned it up.] Even if the mask is intended to cover the permanent stain of vermilion on the forehead, the lungi says it all! Truth cannot be hidden for long!!



Hindutva Barbarism in Mangalore

January 27, 2009

The Hindutva Brigade is at it again. The goons of Sri Rama Sena, a self-appointed moral police of Hindutva, attacked a pub at the heart of Mangalore city and molested the girls, slapped them, pulled them with their hair, dragged them to the ground – all in the name of protecting Hindu religion, protecting the women from the vices, imposing the Hindu culture, with the goons shouting Bharat Mata ki Jai![See 1, 2, 3

As is now a routine practice, the BJP and its sibling the Bajrang Dal have flip-flopped their response, condemning it, supporting its cause, disowning the cadre but owning up the moral cause, blaming the opposition and the media etc.[1,2] Fascist programme in full force there, for everyone to see. And Pramod Mutalik, the chief of the Sri Ram Sena, openly defended the act on Sunday,[See]  apologized to his ‘sisters’ on Tuesday, and disowned the cadres to save himself! And his assurance is simple: Next time, the job will be better done. So, keep waiting for the next attack. (And the BJP Govt. has arrested him, but not for Mangalore attacks!)

And then there is one Govanitashraya Trust headed by the VHP President of Mangalore. Home for destitute cattle and women – in VHP’s scheme of things, Go (cow) is vanita (woman) and vanita may be cow. And that is what the VHP’s cousin SRS has proved by beating the college going girls like cattle. If this is what the women of Mangalore had to suffer and is any indication for the things to come under the rule of the Hindutva Brigade (what they love to call the Rama Rajya), the sympathizers of the Hindutva agenda can take pride in these attacks as, after all, it is done to protect Hindu Religion, now in grave danger!

The sympathisers of Hindutva agenda can now rest assured: their dream of Rama Rajya is being realised just after 6 months of forming the govt. This is the trial by mobs for all our girls, and they can get ready to go to the jungles very soon, no schools or colleges, no education. Incidentally, this attack was carried out in the name of Lord Sri Ram with the mobs shouting Jai Sri Ram and Sri Ramachandra Bhagavan ki Jai, and of course Bharat Mata ki Jai! Hindu Rashtra in the making and all those who feel threatened by minority appeasement, conversions etc. can now heave a sigh of relief. Bharat mata ki jai and Vande mataram – sound really good while the matas are beaten and molested in broad day light at the heart of Mangalore!

See: Apply anti-terror laws against Mangalore attackers:  UR Ananthamurthy

More on Mangalore Terror and its Links – From ABVP, BJP, RSS to Malegaon

Karnataka CM Equates Bombs With Mob Terror

September 24, 2008

Delhi Blasts | Attack on Churches | Babri Attack

Terror in the name of religion is on the rise all over and it comes in different forms, different severities. But the victims are all the same – hapless citizen standing by. As Mahesh Bhatt rightly said, Bomb terror and Mob terror, both for the ’cause of religion’, should not be differentiated. Be it the recent Delhi Bombs, Babri Masjid demolition or the recent attacks on churches across Karnataka, all these are manifetations of the same ill. And this notion has a surprise supporter in the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

But this acceptance, made rather unwittingly, came after week long attempts of the CM’s party to defend the attacks on churches.

Just a day after the serial bomb blasts in Delhi, Dakshina Kannada, the coastal district of Karnataka, was rudely shaken by well co-ordinated, serial attacks on churches and other places of worship of Christians, under the pretext of opposing forceful conversions. The Bajrang Dal and VHP, extensions of the party in power in Karnataka, claimed responsibility for these attacks. But the Chief Minister blamed the conversions as the motivation for these attacks and blamed the opposition for ‘engineering’ them! The Home Minister, sworn in to protect the life and properties of the citizens without bias, aired his opposition to conversions rather than initiating action against the rioters. Yet another minister feigned ignorance about the claims of the Bajarang Dal.

The Govt. kept changing its position on a daily basis. Even though the Bajran Dal openly admitted its role in the attacks and threatened of further attacks, the Home minister shifted the blame on the Sri Rama Sene, a breakaway faction of the Hindutva brigade, as though to settle scores and to protect the Bajrang dal. Even though both these organisations belong to the Hindutva brigade, the minister and many leaders of his party insisted that the attacks were engineered by the opposition! Attack is the best form of defence and it is crystal clear that to defend the indefencible atrocity on the christians, the Hindutva brigade is resorting to all kinds of circus! But as the Central govt., mounted pressure by issuing a notice under article 355, the Karnataka govt. was forced to arrest the chief of Bajrang Dal and order a judical probe. Why arrest him if not guilty? (He has managed to get a bail, reflecting the seriousness of this govt. in bringing the guilty to book)

And the state govt. had to try and save its face. Shocked and pushed to a corner, the Chief Minister demanded the Centre to take similar action against ‘strife torn’ Delhi, thereby equating the bomb blasts in Delhi with the attacks on churches in Karnataka. Yet, in the same breath, the same party defends the attacks on churches in Karnataka but decries the bomb blasts! Mobs of the ‘majority’ can have a free run, take law into their own hands or even be supported by the state!

And See How Impartial The Home Minister Is! Have a taste of his ‘fighting spirit’ on his OWN Blog!

  • While he has written extensively about conversion and the stone throwing, arson and attacks by the ‘christians’ on the police, and supports these with many photographs, there is not one word about the attacks on churches!
  • He claims that action was initiated only after he personally visited the sites of violence! Wah Home Minister! Any action would be initiated ONLY after the Home Minister reaches the sites of crime, be it attack on churches or bomb blasts! Safety of the people of Karnataka is ensured!! Expect to have an airport at Udupi soon!
  • He also claims that it took 16 days to control the violence that erupted in Mangalore when Mr. Kharge of the Congress was the Home Minister, but this time, under his ‘able leadership’, the violence was controlled in just two days. But the Home minister seems to have conveniently forgotten the violence and curfew for a week in Oct 2006, also initiated by Hindutva brigade on the issue of cow slaughter, very much during the days that his party shared power! What is common is the fact that on all occasions, the violence was initiated by the Hindutva brigade and if it contiuned longer during Kharge’s days, can it also mean that these incidents engineered and remote controlled?
  • And he claims that he has passed the test in first class! (these days, it is the students who decide the results, not the examiners). Although the home minister pats himself on the back and passes himself in first class, HT Sangliana, MP from the same BJP, called for the resignation of the home minister. For this, he is now being hounded; intolerance to criticism is the hallmark of fascism.
  • His blog gleefully passes judgements on the opposition parties and others as guilty, but absolves the Hindutva brigade of crime. At the same time, it questions the wisdom of those who raise their fingers against the Bajrang Dal. One has the powers to pass judgments, the other cannot even complain! So much for democracy and freedom! If the party in power finds it fit to pass judgements without trial, where is the need for a judicial enquiry?

And on Sep 24, the CM had to finally accept it: Government must ‘hang its head in shame’: Yeddyurappa

The response of the Home Minister, who seems to be still fighting, is awaited.

Arch Bishop of Bangalore openly expresses his pain and anguish to the Chief Minister

Situation grim in Mangalore
Situation grim in Mangalore

Karnataka CM visits violence-hit Mangalore
Karnataka CM visits violence-hit Mangalore

Karnataka churches vandalised
Karnataka churches vandalised

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