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New Faces of Hindutva Terror

November 16, 2008

‘Swami’ Dayanand Pandey, Lt. Col. Purohit and ‘Sadhwi’ Pragya: The New Faces of Terror

A Swami, a serving army officer and a young woman: The new faces of terror in India

A master organisation that espouses ‘Hindu’ (read Brahmin or upper caste) supremacy with its lathi wielding cadres, its religious wing comprising of Sadhus, Swamis and Sants breathing fire and venom, a youth wing of this religious wing with its trishul wielding, rabble rousing cadres and its political wing whose leaders have mastered the art of double speak and deceit and all these and the other related off shoots openly supporting the terror acts allegedly committed by the suspects.

The manifestations of Hindutva terror over the past 8-9 decades have been diverse and wide spread. Assassination of the Mahatma (who spent his lifetime promoting social and religious harmony and fighting for justice for the untouchables and the downtrodden), demolition of the Babri masjid, the pogrom in Gujarat, attacks, rapes and murder of Christian missionaries, destruction and desecration of churches and prayer halls, threatening calls, mob attacks, arson, rape and murder have all been committed with impunity. And all these crimes are followed immediately by some justification or the other: Muslim appeasement, Ram Janam Bhoomi, Godhra tragedy, cow slaughter, terrorism, Ram Setu, forced conversions, moral policing, insult to Hinduism, slur on beliefs and so on. And then force a debate on these so called ‘reasons behind the terror’ in the media, public fora and everywhere else and brand anyone who opposes or decries terror as anti Hindu and anti national. And the double faced political leadership to defend the atrocities with one face keeping mum and the other arguing with ‘what is wrong in reacting to..’ theories. It was Vajpayee who kept mum and Advani and MM Joshi who defended. Now it is Advani’s turn to keep mum and Rajnath Singh, Venkaiah Naidu and co. to defend. Well structured, well oiled and well established pattern of Hindutva terror is for everyone to see.

Ajmer Blast

Ajmer Blast

That this terror network has acquired the capability to explode bombs has been revealed by the ongoing investigations into the Malegaon blasts. The terror trail has exposed the links of RSS/Hindutva Brigade with the explosions at Malegaon, Nanded, Modasa, Kanpur, Ajmer, Kannur and there may be more to be revealed.
And the alleged masterminds are the firsts in their ranks:

A self styled Swami, trained in the Indian Defence Academy for a year before metamorphosing, is now suspected to be the key figure in the Hindutva Bomb Squad. With the reports suggesting that he probably ‘bought’ his sainthood, had high level contacts and used his ‘ashram’ as well as another ashram near Ahmedabad for the meetings of the Bomb Squad, the reputation of Swamis and Ashrams has certainly been tarnished. Although all swamis cannot be called terrorists and all ashrams cannot be called terror schools, it can be now said that some terrorists may be in the garb of Swamis and some terror schools may be run from ashrams. And with this, the Hindutva Brigade has certainly lost the moral right to point accusing fingers at all the madarasas as terror schools.

The arrest of a well educated and brilliant Army officer in the active service of the Indian Army raises many disturbing questions. It is for the first time that a serving officer has been arrested and suspended on charges of terrorism. He has been accused of using the funds of the Army and using Army grade RDX in plotting these attacks. It points to the extent of the reach of the Hindutva Brigade and the dangers of the indoctrination in hatred imparted by the Sangh Parivar.

The arrest of a lady in Pragya Thakur also shows the depths that the venom injected by the Hindutva Brigade has penetrated among the young and educated. Although Pragya belongs to a family that always had strong ties with the RSS, her grooming into a Sanyasin and later a ruthless bomber is disturbing indeed.

And it is also for the first time that major political parties like the BJP and Shiv Sena have deemed it fit to openly extend support to the terror accused. Double standards apart, these parties have demonstrated dangerous callousness and utter disrespect for the Constitution and the laws of the land. And a Constitutional expert in their fold is keeping totally mum.

Terror is terror, Jehadi, Hindutva or otherwise and should be condemned by everyone who loves peace and freedom. Anyone justifying it, on any grounds, cannot be called a patriot by any stretch of imagination. Terrorists and their supporters are anti-nationals.

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