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Unabated Hindutva Terror in Mangalore

February 8, 2009

The reign of terror unleashed by the Hindutva Brigade continues unabated in Mangalore, with the open support of the state government. On the evening of Feb 6, Shruti, a student of 12th grade at Mangalore was dragged out of the bus along with a boy belonging to Muslim community. Her crime: She knew him well as the brother of her friend and spoke to him in the bus, having seated separately. She had been travelling in the same bus everyday after her college hours. But this journey back home turned out to be different. The driver and conductor of the bus, who have the responsibility towards the safety of the passengers travelling in their bus, turned villains instead and informed the goons of the Hindutva Brigade who entered the bus at Pumpwell, and dragged the two out of the bus at the next stop, put them in an auto and took them to some unknown location. Both were slapped and manhandled. The girl was released after an hour during which some women preached her about good behaviour and warned her not to speak to any boys, not only of Muslim religion. The boy was further tortured and released after many hours.

And the ministers in the BJP led govt., in the state have once again supported the goons and have tried to derail or influence the police investigations. The Chief Minister condemned the attack and in the same breath blamed the Congress for the abduction. His reasoning: The Union minister has condemned the attack! So if any one condemns the attack, he/she automatically becomes the perpetrator of the crime! The district in charge minister belittled the attack when he claimed that there have been several such attacks in the past 3-4 years and blamed the CPM, the party to which the girl’s father, a MLA, belonged. So while the CM blamed the congress, his cabinet minister blamed the CPM! Although the minister blamed the girl, her father and his party for the abduction it was not clear from his remarks as to who were responsible for the other ‘similar’ incidents that he spoke about. May be he needs to be probed further. The home minister, who has the habit of giving himself full marks for all his actions (and inaction), suggested to the MLA that the parents alone should take the responsibility of their children and that the govt. cannot do much about such goons and further told the MLA to be happy and feel relieved that the goons did not do much harm to his daughter other than abducting, keeping in captivity and slapping. So the state of Karnataka can feel safe with a home minster who thanks the goons for not molesting/raping/killing the girl. But we only wonder as to who takes care of his children; may be police have some special responsibility.

Lies, cover ups, blame game – fascism in full force in Karnataka.

And NOW a twist in the tale:

After 3 days, the case seems to have been properly fixed. It has been claimed by the advocate of the accused that they have links with the left parties because they have been members of the unions affiliated to the CPM, their parents and siblings are members of CPM or CPI etc. etc. The various statements issued by the police, CM, Home minister and the advocate revealed several inconsistencies and confusion about CITU, AITUC, DYFI etc. (The Hndutva machinations even attempted at character assassination of the girl who was the victim of the attacks of its goons; further proof of the depths that these forces can stoop to defend their barbarism)

But this photo bares the truth for all: One of the accused, whose face is masked, is seen wearing a saffron lungi! [It is interesting to note that none of the attackers at the pub were masked, may be because they had owned it up.] Even if the mask is intended to cover the permanent stain of vermilion on the forehead, the lungi says it all! Truth cannot be hidden for long!!



Hindutva Barbarism in Mangalore

January 27, 2009

The Hindutva Brigade is at it again. The goons of Sri Rama Sena, a self-appointed moral police of Hindutva, attacked a pub at the heart of Mangalore city and molested the girls, slapped them, pulled them with their hair, dragged them to the ground – all in the name of protecting Hindu religion, protecting the women from the vices, imposing the Hindu culture, with the goons shouting Bharat Mata ki Jai![See 1, 2, 3

As is now a routine practice, the BJP and its sibling the Bajrang Dal have flip-flopped their response, condemning it, supporting its cause, disowning the cadre but owning up the moral cause, blaming the opposition and the media etc.[1,2] Fascist programme in full force there, for everyone to see. And Pramod Mutalik, the chief of the Sri Ram Sena, openly defended the act on Sunday,[See]  apologized to his ‘sisters’ on Tuesday, and disowned the cadres to save himself! And his assurance is simple: Next time, the job will be better done. So, keep waiting for the next attack. (And the BJP Govt. has arrested him, but not for Mangalore attacks!)

And then there is one Govanitashraya Trust headed by the VHP President of Mangalore. Home for destitute cattle and women – in VHP’s scheme of things, Go (cow) is vanita (woman) and vanita may be cow. And that is what the VHP’s cousin SRS has proved by beating the college going girls like cattle. If this is what the women of Mangalore had to suffer and is any indication for the things to come under the rule of the Hindutva Brigade (what they love to call the Rama Rajya), the sympathizers of the Hindutva agenda can take pride in these attacks as, after all, it is done to protect Hindu Religion, now in grave danger!

The sympathisers of Hindutva agenda can now rest assured: their dream of Rama Rajya is being realised just after 6 months of forming the govt. This is the trial by mobs for all our girls, and they can get ready to go to the jungles very soon, no schools or colleges, no education. Incidentally, this attack was carried out in the name of Lord Sri Ram with the mobs shouting Jai Sri Ram and Sri Ramachandra Bhagavan ki Jai, and of course Bharat Mata ki Jai! Hindu Rashtra in the making and all those who feel threatened by minority appeasement, conversions etc. can now heave a sigh of relief. Bharat mata ki jai and Vande mataram – sound really good while the matas are beaten and molested in broad day light at the heart of Mangalore!

See: Apply anti-terror laws against Mangalore attackers:  UR Ananthamurthy

More on Mangalore Terror and its Links – From ABVP, BJP, RSS to Malegaon

India Attacked: Let’s Fight Unitedly

November 27, 2008

India Attacked

Our country has been attacked again. This time by the terrorists who entered Mumbai from a neighbouring country. More than 100 innocent people have been killed and more than 300 injured in the senseless violence. The entire nation is shocked and is united in condemning these heinous acts of terror.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has indicated that the terrorists were from outside India. He also showed his statesmanship by inviting LK Advani, the leader of the opposition, to accompany him to Mumbai. The BJP should at least now rise above its petty partisanship and join the efforts to strengthen the unity and integrity of our country.

It was indeed during the BJP/NDA rule that some of the masterminds of these terror attacks were released from Indian jails in exchange for the hostages held by the hijackers of the Indian Airlines flight. They were even escorted to Kandahar by the then Foreign minister, Jaswant Singh. [See Defeat at Kandahar] Therefore the BJP should introspect its own role in containing terror rather than indulging in mud slinging.


Now Advani Turns Around!

November 17, 2008
Forever Waiting Advani Unmasks

Forever Waiting Advani Unmasks

BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate-forever-in waiting (it does not matter even if there is no such thing under the Constitution of India) Mr. L.K Advani has finally broken his silence of “no comments” on the arrest of Hindutva activists on the charges of bombing at several places. On Sunday (Nov 16) he indirectly voiced his support for the terror suspects by blaming the congress for raising the “bogey of Hindu terrorism” for vote bank politics. This turnaround is of no surprise to anyone who knows the habits of the Sangh Parivar. [See] And on Tuesday, Nov 18, he did a complete somersault by openly expressing his solidarity with the Sadhwi! [See] The Prime Minister-in-waiting supporting a terror suspect to appease what is considered the majority vote bank is one more reminder of the dubious and dangerous double game that the RSS/BJP have been playing all these years.

And Lalu Yadav, Union Railway Minsiter, has rightly called him and his BJP as terrorists [See] Who can forget Advani’s Rath Yatra in 1990 that blazed a trail of communal violence across the country? [See] Who can forget his leading role in the demolition of the Babri Masjid? (which he regretted while in Pakistan!)

More on the Hindutva Terror and BJP Double standards

Lead Articles | Editorials:

The Hindutva Brigade Somersault

And The Revelations

New Faces of Hindutva Terror

November 16, 2008

‘Swami’ Dayanand Pandey, Lt. Col. Purohit and ‘Sadhwi’ Pragya: The New Faces of Terror

A Swami, a serving army officer and a young woman: The new faces of terror in India

A master organisation that espouses ‘Hindu’ (read Brahmin or upper caste) supremacy with its lathi wielding cadres, its religious wing comprising of Sadhus, Swamis and Sants breathing fire and venom, a youth wing of this religious wing with its trishul wielding, rabble rousing cadres and its political wing whose leaders have mastered the art of double speak and deceit and all these and the other related off shoots openly supporting the terror acts allegedly committed by the suspects.

The manifestations of Hindutva terror over the past 8-9 decades have been diverse and wide spread. Assassination of the Mahatma (who spent his lifetime promoting social and religious harmony and fighting for justice for the untouchables and the downtrodden), demolition of the Babri masjid, the pogrom in Gujarat, attacks, rapes and murder of Christian missionaries, destruction and desecration of churches and prayer halls, threatening calls, mob attacks, arson, rape and murder have all been committed with impunity. And all these crimes are followed immediately by some justification or the other: Muslim appeasement, Ram Janam Bhoomi, Godhra tragedy, cow slaughter, terrorism, Ram Setu, forced conversions, moral policing, insult to Hinduism, slur on beliefs and so on. And then force a debate on these so called ‘reasons behind the terror’ in the media, public fora and everywhere else and brand anyone who opposes or decries terror as anti Hindu and anti national. And the double faced political leadership to defend the atrocities with one face keeping mum and the other arguing with ‘what is wrong in reacting to..’ theories. It was Vajpayee who kept mum and Advani and MM Joshi who defended. Now it is Advani’s turn to keep mum and Rajnath Singh, Venkaiah Naidu and co. to defend. Well structured, well oiled and well established pattern of Hindutva terror is for everyone to see.

Ajmer Blast

Ajmer Blast

That this terror network has acquired the capability to explode bombs has been revealed by the ongoing investigations into the Malegaon blasts. The terror trail has exposed the links of RSS/Hindutva Brigade with the explosions at Malegaon, Nanded, Modasa, Kanpur, Ajmer, Kannur and there may be more to be revealed.
And the alleged masterminds are the firsts in their ranks:

A self styled Swami, trained in the Indian Defence Academy for a year before metamorphosing, is now suspected to be the key figure in the Hindutva Bomb Squad. With the reports suggesting that he probably ‘bought’ his sainthood, had high level contacts and used his ‘ashram’ as well as another ashram near Ahmedabad for the meetings of the Bomb Squad, the reputation of Swamis and Ashrams has certainly been tarnished. Although all swamis cannot be called terrorists and all ashrams cannot be called terror schools, it can be now said that some terrorists may be in the garb of Swamis and some terror schools may be run from ashrams. And with this, the Hindutva Brigade has certainly lost the moral right to point accusing fingers at all the madarasas as terror schools.

The arrest of a well educated and brilliant Army officer in the active service of the Indian Army raises many disturbing questions. It is for the first time that a serving officer has been arrested and suspended on charges of terrorism. He has been accused of using the funds of the Army and using Army grade RDX in plotting these attacks. It points to the extent of the reach of the Hindutva Brigade and the dangers of the indoctrination in hatred imparted by the Sangh Parivar.

The arrest of a lady in Pragya Thakur also shows the depths that the venom injected by the Hindutva Brigade has penetrated among the young and educated. Although Pragya belongs to a family that always had strong ties with the RSS, her grooming into a Sanyasin and later a ruthless bomber is disturbing indeed.

And it is also for the first time that major political parties like the BJP and Shiv Sena have deemed it fit to openly extend support to the terror accused. Double standards apart, these parties have demonstrated dangerous callousness and utter disrespect for the Constitution and the laws of the land. And a Constitutional expert in their fold is keeping totally mum.

Terror is terror, Jehadi, Hindutva or otherwise and should be condemned by everyone who loves peace and freedom. Anyone justifying it, on any grounds, cannot be called a patriot by any stretch of imagination. Terrorists and their supporters are anti-nationals.

See Reports:

Hindutva Terror: Update

November 13, 2008
Samjhauta Bombing

Samjhauta Bombing

Hindutva Terror Behind More Blasts?

As the interrogation of the suspects from the Hindutva Brigade held in connection with the bombings at Malegaon and elsewhere and further investigation into these terror attacks are continuing, more disturbing and shocking details are emerging on the possible role played by the Hindutva Brigade in the various terror attacks across the country. And the latest is the suspicion that the bombing of Samjhauta Expreess might have been the handiwork of this Terror Group.

And Hindutva Brigade’s Double Standards in Full Display

Equally disturbing is the shameless and open display of double standards by the political wing of the Hindutva Brigade, the BJP, a party that was once in power and aspiring to return.

While the President of the party defends the accused, the PM in waiting (a new post created by the BJP) LK Advani and the learned lawyer Arun Jaitley are keeping mum. While the BJP sees a political conspiracy of the Congress in what the ATS is doing, it is openly encouraging and defending what the police has been doing (or not doing what is expected to be done) with regard to the ‘suspected’ terrorists from the minority community as well as the victims of the HIndutva Terror in the states ruled by th eBJP like Gujarat, Orissa and Karnataka.

And RSS is making more bombs:

125 crude bombs found in Kannur, Kerala

Now BJP Turns Around!

November 4, 2008

The BJP, political wing of the Hindutva Brigade, has finally decided to turn around and openly support the terror accused. Read more about that and the fine hair splitting responses at the press meet by Ravi Shankar Prasad. It’s sponsored probe : BJP

Mr. Prasad demanded that the police must come up with credible evidence against her. Is there any law in this country that mandates the police to reveal the evidence to any third party, or the BJP or Mr. Prasad in particular? And did Mr. Prasad or his BJP seek such evidence when Muslim youth were arrested on charges of terrorism or even killed in encounters? Does the BJP support any probe into encounter deaths so that ‘credible truth’ can emerge? If not, what then is BJP’s Uniform Civil Code?

Mr. Prasad also said everyone was innocent until proved guilty, and all the accused had the legal right to be defended. [See]

But just the other day, Tarun Vijay, Editor of the RSS mouthpiece Panchajanya, felt the exact opposite and derided Mushirul Hasan, the vice chancellor of Jamia Milia, with these words: “The university’s vice chancellor, in a display of public affection for those students arrested for treason by a Congress government, declared that he will fund their ‘struggle’ as they are his ‘children’ and they would be considered innocent till proved guilty.” [See]

So, some ‘improvement’ there for the Sangh Parivar!

Mr. Prasad further said: “Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad must explain as to why Riyaz Bhatkal, an accused in the 2006 Malegaon blasts, and who is allegedly involved in a series of recent blasts all over the country has not been put to narco tests”. [See]

But apparently, this Riyaz Bhatkal is not yet arrested [See 1, 2] and how can he be subjected to Narco tests? Only Prasad can explain!

Praveen Togadia, the VHP leader, has straightaway absolved Pragya of all crimes, no investigations, no courts! He said, “I do not know Pragnya Singh at all. But I know she is not a terrorist.”[See] Well, he does not her at all, but he knows she is not a terrorist – does that make any sense to anyone? Or is it that he knows all terrorists too well? A case for investigation or even narco analysis? His basic argument  was: “No Hindu can be a terrorist.” Well, if Hindutva Brigade can rape, arson, murder and all, why not bomb? And what about the bombs that went off while making, Mr. Togadia? Bombs were being made for Pooja?

But Prakash Sharma, Bajrang Dal chief, is more accomodating: He feels that individual army man or Hindu could “go wrong.”[See]

Also See: Hindutva and its cult of the bomb

More on the Terror Trail as it unfolds

And the shameless support:
The BJP has turned around to support the terror accused and is demanding that the evidence be made public. But the party that was once in the Govt., does not explain how the police could arrest a serving army official without adequate evidence. And is it the norm to make the evidence public even before the investigations are completed? The party is also accusing the Congress of ‘influencing’ the ATS. But what about the BJP govts in Gujarat, Orissa and Karnataka ‘influencing’ the police to ensure that they keep silent in cases of atrocities committed by the Hindutva Brigade against the minorities? Unashamed display of double standards.

Shiv Sena Supports Hindutva Terror*

November 3, 2008

[*Hindutva Terror may be a better term than Hindu terror, specifically denoting the role of the Hindutva Brigade in the terror attacks and Hindutva, anyway, is not synonymous with Hindu religion or Hinduism]

Support for Pragya and others, accused of planting bombs on the Indian soil, is continuing to pour in from the Hindutva Brigade and this time, most vociferous of all, is from none other than Bal Thackeray, the Shiv Sena Chief.

Here is what he wrote (as reported in the mainstream media):

“The Hindu community should support the sadhvi, major (retd) Ramesh Upadhyaya and Samir Kulkarni…If the pseudo-secularists are supportive of Afzal Guru (Parliament attack convict), why should we not love and be proud of Sadhvi Pragya, Ramesh Upadhyaya and Samir Kulkarni?”[Times of India]

So, in his tit-for-tat argument, Bala Saheb equates a terror convict with the terror accused, almost hinting that both are alike; only difference being the fact that he loves the latter and may be, hates the former. The accused having possibly done something that makes him proud, he goes on to provide reasons for their acts:

“Every day Islamic terrorists are planting bombs to kill Hindus in India. The latest blasts in Assam too were engineered by Bangladeshi migrants. If a Sadhvi Pragya or a Ramesh Upadhyay or a Samir Kulkarni is born in the present milieu, they cannot be blamed,” []

This is how the twisted Sena logic begins: “Every day Islamic terrorists are planting bombs to kill Hindus in India”. Are these acts of terrorism directed against India as a nation or against Hindus alone? Do the bombs that blast choose the victims on religious basis? Only the Sena can answer.

Sena chief feels that they cannot be blamed for being ‘born in the present milieu’ of bombings and blasts engineered by ‘Islamic terrorists and Bangladeshi migrants.’ But hey, the accused were born long ago, almost 3-4 decades ago, when the milieu was different! So why did they do what they allegedly did – is it the brainwashing with the twisted arguments and the training to avenge on that basis? And training they apparently received at the Bhonsala Military School in Nasik [See]

In any case, the Sena Chief is proud of the terror accused for whatever they are, whatever they have done.

But then Bala Saheb says they have been framed []: “Police never get their hands on the real masterminds of blasts. They just pick up people at random and parade them before the media and congratulate themselves. This leads to a race to grab credit (for cracking cases).” See Reports 1, 2]

Alleging that the ATS machinery was being used at the behest of the Congress, which is practicing politics of Muslim appeasement, “the arrests of cultured and educated individuals in connection with the Malegaon blasts is an effort to crush Hindus to please Muslim fanatics in the country,” he says. []

So then, the Sena Chief is not ready to accept that these people have planted the bombs at Malegaon, but they have been framed. Then what is he proud of?

But he goes on: “The government does not save Hindus from terrorists, and if Hindus defend themselves, they are maligned”[See]

So, may be, they attacked in defense and planted the bombs. But they cannot be blamed! Their arrests are to malign them! To appease Muslims! And the Congress is playing politics by using the ATS!

So his argument goes here, there and again here and there!

But what is it when Muslim youth are arrested on suspicion of terror? What is it when Muslims are killed in encounters and such encounters praised by Narendra Modi, the poster boy of Hindutva? [See 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

Are these acts of the police not for rewards? Are they not the cases where ‘they just pick up people at random and parade them before the media and congratulate themselves…leading to a race to grab credit (for cracking cases)’? Or is the law different for Hindutva Brigade and others?

The editorial ends with a poser. “If a Majid Memon puts on the black coat to defend brother of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in a court of law, can we expect another Memon to stand up to argue for Sadhvi Pragya, Upadhyay and Kulkarni?”[]

While Thackeray invokes the case of Majid Memon defending Dawood to call upon the Hindu lawyers to defend the Sadhwi, he remains curiously silent on Ram Jethmalani’s successful defense of SAR Geelani in the Parliament attack case. But can Muslim or non-Muslim lawyers defend Muslims? Shiv Sena had attacked Jethmalani’s office protesting his decision to defend Geelani. [Timesofindia] And even after acquittal, the ABVP thinks it fit to ‘punish’ and spit on Geelani! And the BJP defends this! A group of lawyers tried to beat up advocates representing terror accused inside the civil court complex in Uttar Pradesh. [See] Consequently, no lawyer is ready to take up a case of a terror accused – even when there is neither any evidence nor charge sheet. [See]

(See Supreme Court expresses concern)

BJP leadres with the terror accused Sadhwi

BJP leaders with the terror accused Sadhwi

Supporting the Sena, the BJP said there was nothing wrong in using “private funds” for “helping” someone. “We have no objection to the Sena’s announcement of extending legal aid to Malegaon blast suspects. For that matter, even the RSS has promised help. It is not wrong to use private funds for helping someone. It is everyone’s right,” BJP spokesman Prakash Javadekar said.[See]

But when Mushirul Hasan, the vice chancellor of Jamia Milia, came forward to provide legal aid to two of his students, he was squarely blamed of defending and abetting terrorism.

So, it is not ‘everyone’s right’ to defend then.

Interestingly, Thackeray also lambasted pro-Hindutva organisations for what he called “disowning” the trio. But why should he be surprised? Even Narendra Modi now wants to distance himself from the ‘hardliners’. [See]

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Mindless Assam Terror and Advani’s Tears

November 1, 2008

Mindless terror has struck again, this tiome in Assam. More than 70 innocent people have died and more than 300 injured. And needless to say, the intelligence and security have been unable to stop this yet again. See

Advani targets

And BJP’s Prime minister-in-waiting, LK Advani has not lost a second in blaming his favourite targets, even before the investigations! See

But after what the RSS and the HIndutva brigade allegedly did in Malegaon and elsewhere, do these people have the moral right to even condemn such acts of terror and indulge in the blame game? Look inside, Mr. Advani!

Hindu Terrorists and BJP Double Speak

October 30, 2008
The wait is finally over. All those from the majority community who felt ‘insulted’ and ‘humiliated’ and ‘suffered’ and could not tolerate the ‘appeasement’ of minorities by the ‘pseudosecularists’ can now rest assured: Hindu Terrorists have arrived at last! And the double standards of the Hindutva brigade are in full glare.

Pragya Thakur

Some Hindu youths as well as retired army personnel, have been arrested in connection with the bombings of mosques in Maharashtra and Gujarat. [See reports Expressindia Expressindia zeenews | Timesnow]

But this is not front page news; after all, it is the Hindus fighting for a ‘noble’ cause and bombing the nation for its own safety and glory!? It has also been reported that there is a full fledged Military School in Nasik to train Hindu terrorists {See] Is it a happy thing that these brave army men have been brainwashed so much by the RSS ideology to the extent that they took it upon themselves to train the youngsters to make and plant bombs within the country they once defended so valiantly?

BJP, the party that once governed this country, can take pride in the fact that it has a Terrorist Wing of its own! One of the accused, Sadhwi Pragya Thakur, has been a member of its student wing and has shared platforms with the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and the President of the BJP. [See] So the BJP naturally feels that Hindu bombers should not be called as terrorists; they are fighting for the honour of the Hindus, after all. [Indianexpress]

Terror Training

Terror Training

Unmasked, the Hindutva brigade is putting up its best double speak and cover up.

Gandhis Assassins

Gandhi's Assassins

The Hindutva Brigade has never been well known to own up its cadres. Even Godse, independent India’s first terrorist, was disowned by the RSS/Hindu Maha Sabha after the job was done [See]

This is what Ravishankar Prasad, the BJP spokesperson, said: “There is no question of owning or disowning her. She left ABVP in 1995-96”. [See sakaaltimes] Good! But any one who finishes schooling moves up from ABVP, the student wing of the BJP/Sangh Parivar. Elementary, Mr. Prasad. How can leaving ABVP be proof enough for her not being part of the Sangh parivar?

And the POTA-Demanding-Wing of the BJP – Advani-Modi-Jaitley-Naidu -have suddenly disappeared. No POTA for HIndu terrorists!?

On the other, some in the Sangh Parivar/Hindu brigade did own her up. As in all the cases of terror masterminded by the Hindutva brigade, ‘explanations and reasons’ have been provided for these bombings as well. And minority appeasement is seen even in these arrests of Hindu terrorists!

Hindu Terrorists

Hindu Terrorists

Manohar Joshi, the former speaker of the Lok Sabha, the supreme law making body of our country, feels that the Hindu youth have become bombers because of their disenchantment with the government that has failed to give them justice against the terrorists. [See] Uma Bharati says: ”If Hindus are found guilty for the Malegaon incident then there should be introspection about such intolerance on part of Hindus who are considered a patient and tolerant community for ages.”[See webindia123] So Hindus can retaliate for their intolerance and perceived injustice. No need for the parliament, no need of the courts: Hindu terrorists have the license to take the law into their own hands, they can make their own laws, convict anyone and punish anyone – hit, kill, burn, rape, bomb, anything. Parliament, courts, law enforcing agencies – all rolled into one. And Tarun Vijay, the editor of Panchajanya, the RSS mouthpiece and master of duplicity, feels that the arrests of the Hindus for terrorist acts has been done to appease the minorities and that it has pushed Hindus to a corner. [See] Right, but it should read RSS, not Hindus, unless we accept his equation. But in the same breath he claims that no Hindu organisation has come in support of the arrested!

BJP and the Sangh Parivar also talk of Uniform Civil Code. By this standard, do all the others born in this country have the same rights as those of the Hindutva brigade?

Gujarat Terror

It is well known fact that the perpetrators of the progrom in Gujarat in which more than 2000 people were ruthlessly massacred are not brought to justice even after 6 years. But can this denial of justice in Gujarat be a cause for the Muslim youth to turn bombers? No, they cannot do that, because they are Muslims! Forget that, Muslims and civil right activists should not even seek legal remedies for the crimes they suffered. Any one supporting their just demands are pseudosecularists, anti nationals, hand-in-glove-terrorists!

Even Mushirul Hasan, vice-chancellor of Jamia Milia, is accused of hobnobbing with ‘terrorists’, just because he arranged for legal aid for the students of Jamia Milia arrested on suspicion of helping the terrorists. If Tarun Vijay has his say, then the boys are guilty of treason because they ‘were arrested from the area of the Batla House encounter’. But for the Hindu terrorists, according to Tarun, ‘proof, evidence, and final acquittal may take year’. [See] Wah! Muslim youth are pronounced guilty just because they happen to live near a site of the encounter and their teacher is accused of abetting terrorism just because he happens to provide them legal aid; but Hindu youth arrested for bombing cannot be called guilty and such arrests are done for appeasing the minorities and to push Hindus to a corner! [And Prof. Hasan has to defend himself, even prove his patriotism! See]

Law Onto Themselves

Law Onto Themselves

So Hindus (read RSS) can take the law into their own hands under pretexts like terrorism, Ram Janma Bhoomi, Ram Setu, Conversion etc.; murder, rape, burn or even plant bombs but deny these ‘rights’ to others and then keep talking about the need for a uniform civil code! (Mind you, not a uniform criminal code!) That is the Shining India! [or even Rama Rajya?]

Getting confused with this dangerous double speak? Fail to understand the fascist terror? Continue to believe the RSS propaganda and wait for the poison to destroy this nation. OR, if you seriously believe that this great nation of ours deserves truth and peace, then, start questioning the hate propaganda, the lies circulated as truths, the dangerous double speak. That is the least we all can do. Question.

Bombing our soil, by anyone, Hindu or Muslim, is an act of treason and defending it, citing any alibi, is equally treacherous. RSS or Indian Mujahideen or anyone who bombs or creates terror, are all terrorists. And let us call them so.