Shiv Sena Supports Hindutva Terror*

November 3, 2008

[*Hindutva Terror may be a better term than Hindu terror, specifically denoting the role of the Hindutva Brigade in the terror attacks and Hindutva, anyway, is not synonymous with Hindu religion or Hinduism]

Support for Pragya and others, accused of planting bombs on the Indian soil, is continuing to pour in from the Hindutva Brigade and this time, most vociferous of all, is from none other than Bal Thackeray, the Shiv Sena Chief.

Here is what he wrote (as reported in the mainstream media):

“The Hindu community should support the sadhvi, major (retd) Ramesh Upadhyaya and Samir Kulkarni…If the pseudo-secularists are supportive of Afzal Guru (Parliament attack convict), why should we not love and be proud of Sadhvi Pragya, Ramesh Upadhyaya and Samir Kulkarni?”[Times of India]

So, in his tit-for-tat argument, Bala Saheb equates a terror convict with the terror accused, almost hinting that both are alike; only difference being the fact that he loves the latter and may be, hates the former. The accused having possibly done something that makes him proud, he goes on to provide reasons for their acts:

“Every day Islamic terrorists are planting bombs to kill Hindus in India. The latest blasts in Assam too were engineered by Bangladeshi migrants. If a Sadhvi Pragya or a Ramesh Upadhyay or a Samir Kulkarni is born in the present milieu, they cannot be blamed,” []

This is how the twisted Sena logic begins: “Every day Islamic terrorists are planting bombs to kill Hindus in India”. Are these acts of terrorism directed against India as a nation or against Hindus alone? Do the bombs that blast choose the victims on religious basis? Only the Sena can answer.

Sena chief feels that they cannot be blamed for being ‘born in the present milieu’ of bombings and blasts engineered by ‘Islamic terrorists and Bangladeshi migrants.’ But hey, the accused were born long ago, almost 3-4 decades ago, when the milieu was different! So why did they do what they allegedly did – is it the brainwashing with the twisted arguments and the training to avenge on that basis? And training they apparently received at the Bhonsala Military School in Nasik [See]

In any case, the Sena Chief is proud of the terror accused for whatever they are, whatever they have done.

But then Bala Saheb says they have been framed []: “Police never get their hands on the real masterminds of blasts. They just pick up people at random and parade them before the media and congratulate themselves. This leads to a race to grab credit (for cracking cases).” See Reports 1, 2]

Alleging that the ATS machinery was being used at the behest of the Congress, which is practicing politics of Muslim appeasement, “the arrests of cultured and educated individuals in connection with the Malegaon blasts is an effort to crush Hindus to please Muslim fanatics in the country,” he says. []

So then, the Sena Chief is not ready to accept that these people have planted the bombs at Malegaon, but they have been framed. Then what is he proud of?

But he goes on: “The government does not save Hindus from terrorists, and if Hindus defend themselves, they are maligned”[See]

So, may be, they attacked in defense and planted the bombs. But they cannot be blamed! Their arrests are to malign them! To appease Muslims! And the Congress is playing politics by using the ATS!

So his argument goes here, there and again here and there!

But what is it when Muslim youth are arrested on suspicion of terror? What is it when Muslims are killed in encounters and such encounters praised by Narendra Modi, the poster boy of Hindutva? [See 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

Are these acts of the police not for rewards? Are they not the cases where ‘they just pick up people at random and parade them before the media and congratulate themselves…leading to a race to grab credit (for cracking cases)’? Or is the law different for Hindutva Brigade and others?

The editorial ends with a poser. “If a Majid Memon puts on the black coat to defend brother of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in a court of law, can we expect another Memon to stand up to argue for Sadhvi Pragya, Upadhyay and Kulkarni?”[]

While Thackeray invokes the case of Majid Memon defending Dawood to call upon the Hindu lawyers to defend the Sadhwi, he remains curiously silent on Ram Jethmalani’s successful defense of SAR Geelani in the Parliament attack case. But can Muslim or non-Muslim lawyers defend Muslims? Shiv Sena had attacked Jethmalani’s office protesting his decision to defend Geelani. [Timesofindia] And even after acquittal, the ABVP thinks it fit to ‘punish’ and spit on Geelani! And the BJP defends this! A group of lawyers tried to beat up advocates representing terror accused inside the civil court complex in Uttar Pradesh. [See] Consequently, no lawyer is ready to take up a case of a terror accused – even when there is neither any evidence nor charge sheet. [See]

(See Supreme Court expresses concern)

BJP leadres with the terror accused Sadhwi

BJP leaders with the terror accused Sadhwi

Supporting the Sena, the BJP said there was nothing wrong in using “private funds” for “helping” someone. “We have no objection to the Sena’s announcement of extending legal aid to Malegaon blast suspects. For that matter, even the RSS has promised help. It is not wrong to use private funds for helping someone. It is everyone’s right,” BJP spokesman Prakash Javadekar said.[See]

But when Mushirul Hasan, the vice chancellor of Jamia Milia, came forward to provide legal aid to two of his students, he was squarely blamed of defending and abetting terrorism.

So, it is not ‘everyone’s right’ to defend then.

Interestingly, Thackeray also lambasted pro-Hindutva organisations for what he called “disowning” the trio. But why should he be surprised? Even Narendra Modi now wants to distance himself from the ‘hardliners’. [See]

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Mindless Assam Terror and Advani’s Tears

November 1, 2008

Mindless terror has struck again, this tiome in Assam. More than 70 innocent people have died and more than 300 injured. And needless to say, the intelligence and security have been unable to stop this yet again. See

Advani targets

And BJP’s Prime minister-in-waiting, LK Advani has not lost a second in blaming his favourite targets, even before the investigations! See

But after what the RSS and the HIndutva brigade allegedly did in Malegaon and elsewhere, do these people have the moral right to even condemn such acts of terror and indulge in the blame game? Look inside, Mr. Advani!

Hindu Terrorists and BJP Double Speak

October 30, 2008
The wait is finally over. All those from the majority community who felt ‘insulted’ and ‘humiliated’ and ‘suffered’ and could not tolerate the ‘appeasement’ of minorities by the ‘pseudosecularists’ can now rest assured: Hindu Terrorists have arrived at last! And the double standards of the Hindutva brigade are in full glare.

Pragya Thakur

Some Hindu youths as well as retired army personnel, have been arrested in connection with the bombings of mosques in Maharashtra and Gujarat. [See reports Expressindia Expressindia zeenews | Timesnow]

But this is not front page news; after all, it is the Hindus fighting for a ‘noble’ cause and bombing the nation for its own safety and glory!? It has also been reported that there is a full fledged Military School in Nasik to train Hindu terrorists {See] Is it a happy thing that these brave army men have been brainwashed so much by the RSS ideology to the extent that they took it upon themselves to train the youngsters to make and plant bombs within the country they once defended so valiantly?

BJP, the party that once governed this country, can take pride in the fact that it has a Terrorist Wing of its own! One of the accused, Sadhwi Pragya Thakur, has been a member of its student wing and has shared platforms with the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and the President of the BJP. [See] So the BJP naturally feels that Hindu bombers should not be called as terrorists; they are fighting for the honour of the Hindus, after all. [Indianexpress]

Terror Training

Terror Training

Unmasked, the Hindutva brigade is putting up its best double speak and cover up.

Gandhis Assassins

Gandhi's Assassins

The Hindutva Brigade has never been well known to own up its cadres. Even Godse, independent India’s first terrorist, was disowned by the RSS/Hindu Maha Sabha after the job was done [See]

This is what Ravishankar Prasad, the BJP spokesperson, said: “There is no question of owning or disowning her. She left ABVP in 1995-96”. [See sakaaltimes] Good! But any one who finishes schooling moves up from ABVP, the student wing of the BJP/Sangh Parivar. Elementary, Mr. Prasad. How can leaving ABVP be proof enough for her not being part of the Sangh parivar?

And the POTA-Demanding-Wing of the BJP – Advani-Modi-Jaitley-Naidu -have suddenly disappeared. No POTA for HIndu terrorists!?

On the other, some in the Sangh Parivar/Hindu brigade did own her up. As in all the cases of terror masterminded by the Hindutva brigade, ‘explanations and reasons’ have been provided for these bombings as well. And minority appeasement is seen even in these arrests of Hindu terrorists!

Hindu Terrorists

Hindu Terrorists

Manohar Joshi, the former speaker of the Lok Sabha, the supreme law making body of our country, feels that the Hindu youth have become bombers because of their disenchantment with the government that has failed to give them justice against the terrorists. [See] Uma Bharati says: ”If Hindus are found guilty for the Malegaon incident then there should be introspection about such intolerance on part of Hindus who are considered a patient and tolerant community for ages.”[See webindia123] So Hindus can retaliate for their intolerance and perceived injustice. No need for the parliament, no need of the courts: Hindu terrorists have the license to take the law into their own hands, they can make their own laws, convict anyone and punish anyone – hit, kill, burn, rape, bomb, anything. Parliament, courts, law enforcing agencies – all rolled into one. And Tarun Vijay, the editor of Panchajanya, the RSS mouthpiece and master of duplicity, feels that the arrests of the Hindus for terrorist acts has been done to appease the minorities and that it has pushed Hindus to a corner. [See] Right, but it should read RSS, not Hindus, unless we accept his equation. But in the same breath he claims that no Hindu organisation has come in support of the arrested!

BJP and the Sangh Parivar also talk of Uniform Civil Code. By this standard, do all the others born in this country have the same rights as those of the Hindutva brigade?

Gujarat Terror

It is well known fact that the perpetrators of the progrom in Gujarat in which more than 2000 people were ruthlessly massacred are not brought to justice even after 6 years. But can this denial of justice in Gujarat be a cause for the Muslim youth to turn bombers? No, they cannot do that, because they are Muslims! Forget that, Muslims and civil right activists should not even seek legal remedies for the crimes they suffered. Any one supporting their just demands are pseudosecularists, anti nationals, hand-in-glove-terrorists!

Even Mushirul Hasan, vice-chancellor of Jamia Milia, is accused of hobnobbing with ‘terrorists’, just because he arranged for legal aid for the students of Jamia Milia arrested on suspicion of helping the terrorists. If Tarun Vijay has his say, then the boys are guilty of treason because they ‘were arrested from the area of the Batla House encounter’. But for the Hindu terrorists, according to Tarun, ‘proof, evidence, and final acquittal may take year’. [See] Wah! Muslim youth are pronounced guilty just because they happen to live near a site of the encounter and their teacher is accused of abetting terrorism just because he happens to provide them legal aid; but Hindu youth arrested for bombing cannot be called guilty and such arrests are done for appeasing the minorities and to push Hindus to a corner! [And Prof. Hasan has to defend himself, even prove his patriotism! See]

Law Onto Themselves

Law Onto Themselves

So Hindus (read RSS) can take the law into their own hands under pretexts like terrorism, Ram Janma Bhoomi, Ram Setu, Conversion etc.; murder, rape, burn or even plant bombs but deny these ‘rights’ to others and then keep talking about the need for a uniform civil code! (Mind you, not a uniform criminal code!) That is the Shining India! [or even Rama Rajya?]

Getting confused with this dangerous double speak? Fail to understand the fascist terror? Continue to believe the RSS propaganda and wait for the poison to destroy this nation. OR, if you seriously believe that this great nation of ours deserves truth and peace, then, start questioning the hate propaganda, the lies circulated as truths, the dangerous double speak. That is the least we all can do. Question.

Bombing our soil, by anyone, Hindu or Muslim, is an act of treason and defending it, citing any alibi, is equally treacherous. RSS or Indian Mujahideen or anyone who bombs or creates terror, are all terrorists. And let us call them so.

Spot The Difference

September 26, 2008

These are the images of the tragic fire in the Gautami Express on Aug 1, 2008.  Thirty-two people were killed and five injured, one seriously, when fire engulfed five coaches of the Secunderabad-Kakinada Gautami Express. The fire was allegedly caused by an electric short circuit.

Sabaramati Express Burning

Sabaramati Express Burning

This is the tragic fire in Sabaramati Express on Feb 27, 2002 that killed 59 people, who happened to be volunteers returning from Ayodhya. [See another report]

Justice Nanavati Commission says the fire in the Sabaramati Express was due to some people igniting the coaches after pouring petrol, while Justice UC Banerjee Commission felt it was an accident. [something similar to what happened in Gautami Express]

See the pattern of burning after the fire started inside the compartments of Gautami Express. Compare this with the image of the Sabaramati Express, which according to Justice Nanavati Commission, was torched from outside by pouring petrol. And read this report of the Gujarat Forensic Lab

Hindutva Double Speak

September 26, 2008

Forced conversions incited the church attacks


Instead of going to churches on Sept 15, christians should have stayed at home

Sumalatha, Advocate (As reported in Deccan Herald, P3, Dated Sep 26)

This is what the Hindutva Parivar says:

Bajrang Dal activists have the right to get incited and attack churches, but Christians should sit at home even after their churches are attacked!

Moral Police in DK: Why Are We Silent?

September 24, 2008

Moral policing has been tightening in Dakshina Kannada over the past couple of years. On many occasions, law enforcement agencies assist these hooligans. Read More


Also See The Guardians of Morality

Karnataka CM Equates Bombs With Mob Terror

September 24, 2008

Delhi Blasts | Attack on Churches | Babri Attack

Terror in the name of religion is on the rise all over and it comes in different forms, different severities. But the victims are all the same – hapless citizen standing by. As Mahesh Bhatt rightly said, Bomb terror and Mob terror, both for the ’cause of religion’, should not be differentiated. Be it the recent Delhi Bombs, Babri Masjid demolition or the recent attacks on churches across Karnataka, all these are manifetations of the same ill. And this notion has a surprise supporter in the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

But this acceptance, made rather unwittingly, came after week long attempts of the CM’s party to defend the attacks on churches.

Just a day after the serial bomb blasts in Delhi, Dakshina Kannada, the coastal district of Karnataka, was rudely shaken by well co-ordinated, serial attacks on churches and other places of worship of Christians, under the pretext of opposing forceful conversions. The Bajrang Dal and VHP, extensions of the party in power in Karnataka, claimed responsibility for these attacks. But the Chief Minister blamed the conversions as the motivation for these attacks and blamed the opposition for ‘engineering’ them! The Home Minister, sworn in to protect the life and properties of the citizens without bias, aired his opposition to conversions rather than initiating action against the rioters. Yet another minister feigned ignorance about the claims of the Bajarang Dal.

The Govt. kept changing its position on a daily basis. Even though the Bajran Dal openly admitted its role in the attacks and threatened of further attacks, the Home minister shifted the blame on the Sri Rama Sene, a breakaway faction of the Hindutva brigade, as though to settle scores and to protect the Bajrang dal. Even though both these organisations belong to the Hindutva brigade, the minister and many leaders of his party insisted that the attacks were engineered by the opposition! Attack is the best form of defence and it is crystal clear that to defend the indefencible atrocity on the christians, the Hindutva brigade is resorting to all kinds of circus! But as the Central govt., mounted pressure by issuing a notice under article 355, the Karnataka govt. was forced to arrest the chief of Bajrang Dal and order a judical probe. Why arrest him if not guilty? (He has managed to get a bail, reflecting the seriousness of this govt. in bringing the guilty to book)

And the state govt. had to try and save its face. Shocked and pushed to a corner, the Chief Minister demanded the Centre to take similar action against ‘strife torn’ Delhi, thereby equating the bomb blasts in Delhi with the attacks on churches in Karnataka. Yet, in the same breath, the same party defends the attacks on churches in Karnataka but decries the bomb blasts! Mobs of the ‘majority’ can have a free run, take law into their own hands or even be supported by the state!

And See How Impartial The Home Minister Is! Have a taste of his ‘fighting spirit’ on his OWN Blog!

  • While he has written extensively about conversion and the stone throwing, arson and attacks by the ‘christians’ on the police, and supports these with many photographs, there is not one word about the attacks on churches!
  • He claims that action was initiated only after he personally visited the sites of violence! Wah Home Minister! Any action would be initiated ONLY after the Home Minister reaches the sites of crime, be it attack on churches or bomb blasts! Safety of the people of Karnataka is ensured!! Expect to have an airport at Udupi soon!
  • He also claims that it took 16 days to control the violence that erupted in Mangalore when Mr. Kharge of the Congress was the Home Minister, but this time, under his ‘able leadership’, the violence was controlled in just two days. But the Home minister seems to have conveniently forgotten the violence and curfew for a week in Oct 2006, also initiated by Hindutva brigade on the issue of cow slaughter, very much during the days that his party shared power! What is common is the fact that on all occasions, the violence was initiated by the Hindutva brigade and if it contiuned longer during Kharge’s days, can it also mean that these incidents engineered and remote controlled?
  • And he claims that he has passed the test in first class! (these days, it is the students who decide the results, not the examiners). Although the home minister pats himself on the back and passes himself in first class, HT Sangliana, MP from the same BJP, called for the resignation of the home minister. For this, he is now being hounded; intolerance to criticism is the hallmark of fascism.
  • His blog gleefully passes judgements on the opposition parties and others as guilty, but absolves the Hindutva brigade of crime. At the same time, it questions the wisdom of those who raise their fingers against the Bajrang Dal. One has the powers to pass judgments, the other cannot even complain! So much for democracy and freedom! If the party in power finds it fit to pass judgements without trial, where is the need for a judicial enquiry?

And on Sep 24, the CM had to finally accept it: Government must ‘hang its head in shame’: Yeddyurappa

The response of the Home Minister, who seems to be still fighting, is awaited.

Arch Bishop of Bangalore openly expresses his pain and anguish to the Chief Minister

Situation grim in Mangalore
Situation grim in Mangalore

Karnataka CM visits violence-hit Mangalore
Karnataka CM visits violence-hit Mangalore

Karnataka churches vandalised
Karnataka churches vandalised

ishare video