Hindutva Barbarism in Mangalore

The Hindutva Brigade is at it again. The goons of Sri Rama Sena, a self-appointed moral police of Hindutva, attacked a pub at the heart of Mangalore city and molested the girls, slapped them, pulled them with their hair, dragged them to the ground – all in the name of protecting Hindu religion, protecting the women from the vices, imposing the Hindu culture, with the goons shouting Bharat Mata ki Jai![See 1, 2, 3

As is now a routine practice, the BJP and its sibling the Bajrang Dal have flip-flopped their response, condemning it, supporting its cause, disowning the cadre but owning up the moral cause, blaming the opposition and the media etc.[1,2] Fascist programme in full force there, for everyone to see. And Pramod Mutalik, the chief of the Sri Ram Sena, openly defended the act on Sunday,[See]  apologized to his ‘sisters’ on Tuesday, and disowned the cadres to save himself! And his assurance is simple: Next time, the job will be better done. So, keep waiting for the next attack. (And the BJP Govt. has arrested him, but not for Mangalore attacks!)

And then there is one Govanitashraya Trust headed by the VHP President of Mangalore. Home for destitute cattle and women – in VHP’s scheme of things, Go (cow) is vanita (woman) and vanita may be cow. And that is what the VHP’s cousin SRS has proved by beating the college going girls like cattle. If this is what the women of Mangalore had to suffer and is any indication for the things to come under the rule of the Hindutva Brigade (what they love to call the Rama Rajya), the sympathizers of the Hindutva agenda can take pride in these attacks as, after all, it is done to protect Hindu Religion, now in grave danger!

The sympathisers of Hindutva agenda can now rest assured: their dream of Rama Rajya is being realised just after 6 months of forming the govt. This is the trial by mobs for all our girls, and they can get ready to go to the jungles very soon, no schools or colleges, no education. Incidentally, this attack was carried out in the name of Lord Sri Ram with the mobs shouting Jai Sri Ram and Sri Ramachandra Bhagavan ki Jai, and of course Bharat Mata ki Jai! Hindu Rashtra in the making and all those who feel threatened by minority appeasement, conversions etc. can now heave a sigh of relief. Bharat mata ki jai and Vande mataram – sound really good while the matas are beaten and molested in broad day light at the heart of Mangalore!

See: Apply anti-terror laws against Mangalore attackers:  UR Ananthamurthy

More on Mangalore Terror and its Links – From ABVP, BJP, RSS to Malegaon


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2 Responses to “Hindutva Barbarism in Mangalore”

  1. k.s.paarthasaarathy Says:

    It is funny Sangha pariwar is upset about pub culture. I just want to point out certain information. I do not have malice towards these people. During Vasundhara Raje’s period Rajasthan saw extreme growth of pub culture. That state depending on tourist revenue needed this. She herself is a scion of a royal family and is highly cultured. Love of liquor with royalty is well documented.

    Sri Vajpayee, the statesman was also a poet and enjoyed life. During the first Janatha experiment in the 1970s he was minister for extrenal affairs and we all loved him in that post. In Moscow he said ” peevo peevo” to young embassy staff. We all enjoyed those remarks. He knows the value of a cup that uplifts the spirit.

    I can quote rigveda wherein Indra’s love for liquor is described very graphically. What is said there in a beautiful poem may be dubbed as immoral today. He complains about his own weakness for a cup of somarasa ‘just as my organ is automatically drawn towards a female organ when in sight, I am dragged to the madhushaala. It is so natural…

    Let us concede that what is moral in a time may just appear as immoral in the same society as the time passes. The moral standards have never stayed in absolute terms and get redefined from time to time, from place to place and people to people. Also society keeps growing better and better as new knowledge becomes available. The weakness for some type of somarasa as well as prostitution are as old as human society. Khajuraho, Konark are as much our heritage. Let us supply complete knowledge and information to our generation and allow them to make their choice. It is time members of the Sangh pariwar value our proud catholic heritage. Let us get over what Krishna says in Bhagavadgeetha, kashmalam. He reprimands Arjuna: Kuthahstwa Kashmalamidam !? I wonder because you claim you are praajna.

    The love poet Browning tells the young couple on the street ” step into the lamp shade and then kiss. World does not hate lovers. it just would appreciate some norms.’ I forget the actual poetry lines. In 1960, I remember our great writer Ta.Ra.Su told us in our Kannada sangha meeting: everybody knows what husband and wife do in their privacy. That does not mean they are permitted to bring their cot to open. I wish the pub goers also note these points. As far as the sena people, god help them!

    I recommend to read Bertrand Russel’s ‘Marriage and Morals.’ By comparing different practices amongst various communities world over, the book finds that what is a sacred relationship in one place is sacreligious in another place. In those days US had its share of Ram Senas and Russell was not allowed to teach their daughters by the zealous mothers, for bringing out this truth.

    So also Tolstoy wrote about the sexual immorality practiced by the upper class in particular in his novel Kreutzer Sonata. This book was banned in US, as people there held Tolstoy as enemy of people(!) for exposing their immorality perhaps, though the great rationalist Ingersoll defended his book and opposed the ban.

    So Ram sena’s antics are not new in the world and world also knows how to handle them.

  2. k.s.paarthasaarathy Says:

    To continue the theme of liquor, pubcluture and culture vultures…The health minister today has rightly voiced the ill effects of the pub culture. Curiously Baba Ram Dev taakes objection to the appointment of nation’s pne pf the top[mpst liquor baron Audikeshavalu ( rrmeber PVN, Jharkhand MPs ?), as the chief trustee of Tirupathi Shrine. because of his liquor connection . Audikeshavulu is welknown for his charities to religious section. I wonder Baba never came to his attention.. I cannot help extending my comments , when such opportunities as these have appeared..

    In my younger days , we were not allowed to mix with a neighbour family ,, which was rich also, amidst generally poor group of brahmins.. I came to understand slowly it was a sort of unofficial ostracisng in practice against this family. They also did not care I think The reason was, being from a brahmin group, their grand father just went into liquor business and it was such heinous crime you see…in my time as school students we violated the rules and went in to their house..they used to treat us to good eatings.. but the Idiga community, which was by caste, was toddy tappers, were the main stay for helping in the performance of tample rituals, which was brahmin temple. In my time our elders treated the members of this community with due recognition but , of late, the new generation of the priest’s house, suddenly become aware of this anomoly and started ill treating them, and now Idiga’s built their own temple and have employed their own brahmin priest! The old temple is unable to maintain itslef and is dying..

    Both the pub goers and the mebers of the various senas are basically unemployed. One does not require a job and the other does not have one. The newly rich are in an amnesia of ill gotten wealth and think they are not so safe in this democracy and they need to go to Amenisia like pubs to keep up their sagging spirit . The other unemployed would be willing to serve as anybody’s henchmen for just a square meal a day. And the senas are nurtured by political . social , religious and business interests and are unleashed at opportune times. And the unemployed are the chief recruitment source. Here also each community mat organise its own sena and the recruits may exhibit a religious bias. For example there are smugglers , they have their own underground groups, coparable to senas, getting into action now and then, as their masters want them to.

    Culture has another meaning. In medicine you remeber they culture your blood/serum to allow the bacteria or any biotics to grow in incubation and reveal its nature so that it can be treated. Culture vultures do the same thing. They prey and multiply on the carcass of socio-religious culture..I say carcass, as th really cultured do not need anybodys advocay in the street. Due to all these mix up, we most often find the official ambasadors of culture, as in so many festivals organised by both the State and the private enterprse, .. they do not represent the soul of the nation’s culture at all.

    Every society, from time immemorial ,has tolerated in its fringe a certain anti social elements. By experience, due to inherent human nature, we know this marginal section can never be completely eliminated. Some people are prone to commit theft, some are over sexy etc. But when they become a bit too much, we need to get into action and curb it to tolerable level. I suggest this limit could be something like a 5%, okay; but when it becomes 6% or 7%, it is a wake up call and then, as we are doing now, we need to proceed against it. The time is now…

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