Hubli is Karnataka’s Malegaon!

Hubli Bomb Blast

Hubli Bomb Blast

Karnataka police have claimed that they have solved the case of bomb blast inside the Hubli Court in May 2008 with the arrest of 9 people, Nagaraj  Jambagi and his aides, from Bagalkot.[See Report]

The blast had occurred during the electioneering for the Karnataka Assembly and was earlier blamed on Islamic terrorists belonging to SIMI, LeT etc. and some Muslim youth were even arrested in this connection. [See Reports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]

The BJP had blamed the Centre’s soft stand on terror for this attack. [See 1, 2] However, Narayanaswamy, Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Planning and senior Congress leader, had claimed that he had information that some political parties were involved in the bomb blast to gain political mileage during the election, [See] and there was a report of even the IB, expressing similar doubts.[See]

Those who have now been arrested by the police have been branded as rowdies or criminals and some reports have claimed that Hubli bomb blast was not a terror attack! [See] (For some, terrorism is the exclusive domain of Islamic terrorists) However, according to the police, the blasts were directed at the SIMI activists, who were to be presented to the court, as well as the cops. [See 1, 2] It appears that the arrested men were activists of Sri Rama Sene headed by Pramod Mutalik. [See 1, 2, 3]

Now that the arrests have been made by the police of Karnataka, a state being ruled by the BJP, it now remains to be seen as to how the Hindutva Brigade would react to these developments.

But certain things are clear:

When it comes to terror attacks, Hindutva Brigade, ever so eager to point fingers, cannot be trusted and it is the religious fundamentalism that is at the core of most of the terror attacks on innocent civilians. The only answer to the menace is for the people of this great country to stay united and understand the double standards of all those who abuse the names of religions to achieve their sinister designs. And that our people have amply demonstrated post Mumbai 26/11.


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