Why Support Terror: Manmohan Asks Advani

terror Suspects Share Platform

Terror Suspects Share Platform

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has taken strong exception to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s stand supporting terror suspect ‘sadhvi’ Pragnya Singh Thakur and on Wednesday he picked up the telephone and spoke to the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, L.K. Advani, to convey his view. [See]

And Mr. Advani apparently told him that he had merely reacted to the ‘sadhvi’s’ affidavit filed in court alleging that she had been tortured by her police interrogators. And being a man from BJP, what else he could do but again change his position?

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2 Responses to “Why Support Terror: Manmohan Asks Advani”

  1. Prasanna Says:

    Dear Editor,
    I am very sorry to say that your FORUM is purely an anti Hindhu forum. Please see you have given at most publicity for the Sadhwi Pragya incident as of now also she is only a suspect not the convicted.. and you are writing this as HINDHU TERROR in bold letters and at the same time even if MUSLIMS and Muslim organisations like Deendar Anjuman who have been proved in involving terrorist activities and convicted by the court of LAW that too with death sentence.. but you are mum about that.. Why?
    Why you are not writing the terror activities carried out by MUSLIMS as ISLAM TERROR or Green Terror? even after Mumbai attacks? When you are going to support the truth that All Muslims are not Terrorists but all Terrorists are Muslims.. and it is carried out in the name of JIHAD.. You may write only when one of your family members became the scape goat for the Islamic terror. Please leave the peace loving Hindus to live peacefully; don’t insult them by Writing Hindu Terror for your petty vote gains or monitory rewards..

    Please understand the Jihad and its support to terrorism otherwise you can not counter Terrorism in INDIA and we have to see much more Mumbai episodes don’t be a indirect supporter for that.

    • janashaktikarnataka Says:

      Hindutva and Hinduism are not synonyms. and RSS/BJP are only using the term Hindu to divide this great nation along religious lines with the sinister idea of capturing power and cleansing on ethnic lines, just the same way as Hitler did in Germany. Terrorism in the name of Hindu religion or in the name of Islam do not help the respective religions in any way and why not call a spade a spade? The biggest cause of concern for us is Hindutva and the terrorism in the name of Hindu religion than anything else, we are killing our own people.

      We do not support terrorism of any kind, Hindutva, Jihadi or any other in the name of religion, caste, language or area. Terrorism is a dastardly crime against humanity and an attack on our freedom, peace and progress.

      We do not seek votes in the name of terrorism, either supporting it or opposing it. It is the RSS/BJP who keep seeking votes by supporting the terrorism in the name of Hindu religion (as in the cases of Gujarat, Orissa, Malegaon accused etc.) and opposing Jihadi terror. As far as we are concerned, both these are inhuman and equally dangerous. RSS/BJP have no right to oppose Jihadi terror while supporting terrorism by their own cadre. We suggest people to see these double standards that are destroying the unity of our people and weakening our country.

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