Now BJP Turns Around!

The BJP, political wing of the Hindutva Brigade, has finally decided to turn around and openly support the terror accused. Read more about that and the fine hair splitting responses at the press meet by Ravi Shankar Prasad. It’s sponsored probe : BJP

Mr. Prasad demanded that the police must come up with credible evidence against her. Is there any law in this country that mandates the police to reveal the evidence to any third party, or the BJP or Mr. Prasad in particular? And did Mr. Prasad or his BJP seek such evidence when Muslim youth were arrested on charges of terrorism or even killed in encounters? Does the BJP support any probe into encounter deaths so that ‘credible truth’ can emerge? If not, what then is BJP’s Uniform Civil Code?

Mr. Prasad also said everyone was innocent until proved guilty, and all the accused had the legal right to be defended. [See]

But just the other day, Tarun Vijay, Editor of the RSS mouthpiece Panchajanya, felt the exact opposite and derided Mushirul Hasan, the vice chancellor of Jamia Milia, with these words: “The university’s vice chancellor, in a display of public affection for those students arrested for treason by a Congress government, declared that he will fund their ‘struggle’ as they are his ‘children’ and they would be considered innocent till proved guilty.” [See]

So, some ‘improvement’ there for the Sangh Parivar!

Mr. Prasad further said: “Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad must explain as to why Riyaz Bhatkal, an accused in the 2006 Malegaon blasts, and who is allegedly involved in a series of recent blasts all over the country has not been put to narco tests”. [See]

But apparently, this Riyaz Bhatkal is not yet arrested [See 1, 2] and how can he be subjected to Narco tests? Only Prasad can explain!

Praveen Togadia, the VHP leader, has straightaway absolved Pragya of all crimes, no investigations, no courts! He said, “I do not know Pragnya Singh at all. But I know she is not a terrorist.”[See] Well, he does not her at all, but he knows she is not a terrorist – does that make any sense to anyone? Or is it that he knows all terrorists too well? A case for investigation or even narco analysis? His basic argument  was: “No Hindu can be a terrorist.” Well, if Hindutva Brigade can rape, arson, murder and all, why not bomb? And what about the bombs that went off while making, Mr. Togadia? Bombs were being made for Pooja?

But Prakash Sharma, Bajrang Dal chief, is more accomodating: He feels that individual army man or Hindu could “go wrong.”[See]

Also See: Hindutva and its cult of the bomb

More on the Terror Trail as it unfolds

And the shameless support:
The BJP has turned around to support the terror accused and is demanding that the evidence be made public. But the party that was once in the Govt., does not explain how the police could arrest a serving army official without adequate evidence. And is it the norm to make the evidence public even before the investigations are completed? The party is also accusing the Congress of ‘influencing’ the ATS. But what about the BJP govts in Gujarat, Orissa and Karnataka ‘influencing’ the police to ensure that they keep silent in cases of atrocities committed by the Hindutva Brigade against the minorities? Unashamed display of double standards.


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