Mindless Assam Terror and Advani’s Tears

Mindless terror has struck again, this tiome in Assam. More than 70 innocent people have died and more than 300 injured. And needless to say, the intelligence and security have been unable to stop this yet again. See

Advani targets

And BJP’s Prime minister-in-waiting, LK Advani has not lost a second in blaming his favourite targets, even before the investigations! See

But after what the RSS and the HIndutva brigade allegedly did in Malegaon and elsewhere, do these people have the moral right to even condemn such acts of terror and indulge in the blame game? Look inside, Mr. Advani!


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One Response to “Mindless Assam Terror and Advani’s Tears”

  1. Khizar mohammed Says:

    Advani’s comments are no more than a nice telephone answering message recorded in SHUDH Hindi. You say what you want and only those people who like him will get it.

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